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✖ All About Me ✖

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 ; 7:37 PM♥

Deep silent

Just tell me I " have to ", not whether I could.
Your questions are always answered,
not by me.
but yourself.

Sunday, February 7, 2010 ; 11:04 PM♥


I wonder how many readers that I have left.
Well, it doesn't matter (:

( No, I did not abandon this blog. Just a little too caught up in my assignments )

How am I going to put this in words,
I can only write it so many times,
although I'm getting tired of it,
but still,
it can't be helped.

I have been trying so hard to adapt my life with it,
( yes still trying )
it happens that I have been trying too hard or maybe
did I overdo it ?

The weakness in my eyes,
could only spend the years like I didn't know it.

I simply can't tell whether this is torture or it is just life.
Nothing seems to be the way it is before.
I'm a person who hates crowded areas,
a person who dislike people being too nice to me,
a person who forgets and doesn't appreciate,
a person who slacks throughout the day,
a person with bad manners,
a person without tears.

I failed to accomplish what I have been waiting for,
one word to describe all - Naive.

This whole thing sound really dull,
until when I find a light somewhere,
I would write something "brighter".

P.s : The key to improvement is to first laugh at yourself.

Thursday, October 8, 2009 ; 6:11 AM♥


It's just too numb to feel a thing,
not even a stab from the back,
or a slap on the face,
getting answers from petals
are simply not his thing,
why should I hope,
why should I wait,
why can't I forget your
presence and live on with it,
no longer sweet,
no longer worried
just another perfect wrap for
a love story (:

Monday, July 27, 2009 ; 7:29 AM♥

Apples, Cookies & sandwiches

I'm in a condition which could haaaardly be described by words,

one word,

pressure !

there goes another one..

* zombie runs *

whooosh ~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 ; 4:24 AM♥

Hardcore ♥

Alright, I'll make this quick.

I have been awfully bussssy recently !
THANKS to the unbelievable amount of work given and close deadlines.
Hope you guys could understand the delays/postpones of yamcha sessions and hang outs these days, honestly, if I have the TIME, I'd shop, eat, club, drink, party, sing k aaaaaaaaall the way straight !

or maybe just a niiiiiiiice kitty nappy :D

Artist of the Month ! :p


Lunch break @ gasoline -.-

and again, elise .. lol
miss you girl

My turn :S

Someone drew me ( on the left ) in class and
named it ' chibi Sam '.
( doesn't look like me leh )

an extra on the right ..

' There was a sudden ' hit ' outside my window while I was writing my report,
I raised a single eye brow, wondering what was trying to get through.
I looked out to the window and saw a lil bird lying on the roof,
with it's foots facing upwards and unconsciousness,
I stood without blinking an eye, helplessly staring ,
Life is short, you'll never know when it'll be taken away from you,
appreciate while you could '

Monday, June 29, 2009 ; 6:13 AM♥

Bad ✖ hair day !

' A picture with my specs, rare item . '

lol *

I walked into the classroom,
and shocked everyone.

they were like ' wooooow, waaaaah, saaaam ! '

few seconds later,
I was hit by this obvious dumb question,

' u cut your hair ? '


Ohh nooooo, I didn't, I just got my hair extension removed.

Like helloo?

well, ofcourse in reality I'm not that mean so I answered HIM,
in a really nice and polite way (:

' oh no, I did not '

surprisingly, I realized that there were like five of us.
Showing up on monday morning with a different
... hairstyle (:
( coincedenceee )

After class, headed over to Redbox and exposed the most horrible singing voice
that I ever made in my life.
have to practice more I suppose :p

things didn't really go so well if you ask me.
sadly, it's because of my friend.
Mr. EMOoo there,
made everyone felt the same way.

Can't blame him, feelings are hard to control, no ?

I'm still wondering,
how the hell are gonna present
on history class when there isn't any one of us
who knows anything about it !?

* panicking *

Thursday, June 25, 2009 ; 8:04 PM♥

Lips Sealed ♥

My college schedule is turning my life upside down !

I don't usually sleep late pass 2,

Waking up at 7 in the moaning,

And whooooosh ~

There I go again ..

Lack of sleeps = bad complexion, eye bags, swollen lids, moodswing,
emo, speechless, inertia, acne, anti-social,
boring, inactive, bad complexion : (

siggh ..

Have you watch transformers ?

The Boy ♥
The Unique One

♥ Sammi-boii.

17 ✖ Ugly but Adorable <3
Like being surrounded By Friends and go hyper hyper :D

Live Life The Fullest :) cheers ! x
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Legend has it that there is a coffee bar in.
New York where, in the Ladies Room there is a very special mirror.
If one stands in front of the mirror and tells the truth one is granted a wish.

However, if one tells a lie.

* POOF *

You are instantly swallowed up by the mirror, never to be seen again.

A redhead of questionable looks walks into the ladies room and stands before the mirror,
"I think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world."

* POOF *

the mirror swallowed her up.

Next a rather large brunette stands before the mirror and says,
"I'm the sexiest woman alive".

* POOF *

the mirror swallowed her too,

Then, an absolutely gorgeous blond comes in and stands before the mirror and says,

" I think..."

* POOF *